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Popular Destination?

The Deseret News ran a story the other day reporting that free agent guard Mike James would like to play for the Utah Jazz. The fact that Mike James wants to play for the Jazz is not ground breaking news. Mike James is a decent player, but not great. It would have to be seen if he could fit into Jerry Sloan's system.

The bigger news is the fact that there are players out there stating they want to come to Utah to play. Utah has always been a good place to live with people who are very neighborly. But friendly neighbors doesn't usually attract NBA players.

In all reality, it is a shame that more NBA players don't want to come to Utah. Utah is a great place to play. First off, the Jazz are the only professional sport in the state. So when players do come to Utah, they are treated like kings. Plus they have the benefit of playing in the loudest arena in the NBA. The Energy Solutions Arena is always rocking.

Jazz players also have the benefit of playing for great owners. When Larry H. Miller was here and running the show, players seemed to be treated fairly. Now that Gail Miller and son Greg Miller are running the show, it seems as though nothing has changed. They both still run a very classy organization.

Now when other players come to play in Utah, they get to play on a great team. Starting with the head coach, Jerry Sloan has longevity and job security. Sloan's system has made many players look like stars. Players will get the benefit of playing with the best point guard in the NBA in Deron Williams. Who wouldn't want to play with such a willing passer. The Jazz have done a great job of surrounding Williams with great talent.

So it is great to hear that players want to come to Utah to play basketball. As the Deseret News reported Al Jefferson has made it known that he is excited to be playing in Utah. Let's hope that his enthusiasm opens the eyes of other free agents as well.

-Jake Ipson

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  1. Nice points about playing in Utah. It is nice being the biggest fish in a smaller pond. The Nuggets will never surpass the Broncos in Denver, even though they do receieve nice fan support - Dave Bruning/Nuggetsmix.com