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Talking Northwest Division

As the summer comes to an end and the free agent frenzy has died down, the NBA is in a time of wait and see. While things are relatively slow at the moment, there still is some buzz coming out of the Northwest division. This division should be a good one this year with many talented, young emerging stars.

Although the Jazz have made their moves and besides some low key moves, have their team that they are going to go into battle with next season. But there are still some moves that could be made that could significantly shape the Northwest division.

The biggest question in the division is what will happen between Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets. It remains to be seen whether the Nuggets will trade away Anthony in fear of not getting anything in return if he were to walk away as a free agent next year. It would be interesting to see what the Nuggets would get in return if they decide to pull the trigger and trade Anthony away. Rumors are also saying that Nuggets guard J.R. Smith is also on the trading block.

Another team in the division may get some help this year through someone already on their roster. That being the Portland Trailblazers and center Greg Oden. Oden has never quite lived up to being the first over all pick. But when healthy last year, Oden showed progress. If he can stay healthy, the Blazers have one more weapon to an already talented and well coached team.

One of the surprise and more exciting team to watch last season was the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder made some smaller moves this season, yet they have one of the better young stars in the NBA in Kevin Durant. The Thunder also play a uptempo game, which is difficult for the Jazz to guard.

Things may be kind of slow right now for the NBA, but things will pick up soon. The NBA preseason starts in a little over a month. The Northwest division should be a fun one to watch this year.

-Jake Ipson


  1. Good article --- Carmelo is done with the Nuggets -- even though the Knicks have nothing to give in return, the Nuggets have to get something for him -- if he becomes a free agent, they are left with an empty bag. I hope and wish that Greg Odom could come back -- he seems like a very good young man (other than a bad decision on posting pictures)-- but his medical history is not promising, I don't think he will ever be the force in the NBA.

    The Thunder are a exciting young team. I do not think that their front court can make it happen in the playoffs. It is one thing going through the regular season, but the playoffs are a different story ..... Teams like the Lakers and in their hey day years, the Spurs were built for long playoff runs. Thunder's frontcourt does not have the physical toughness to make that long playoff run. I think the dark horses in the Western Conference are the Houston Rockets -- this all depends on how well Yao Ming recovers from his foot injury -- Big men have a hard time recovering from foot injuries (i.e. Bill Walton) .... What worries me is that we are going to have a Lakers/Heat Finals (I can't stand Kobe or Lebron)... Keep the articles coming -- Jazz fan on teh West Coast in Monterey, CA

  2. I think OK City is clearly the team to beat, although the pressure of higher expectations will be new. Durant is a stud and because of his youth, he will not feel the burnout from Team USA basketball this summer. Utah looks good, just have to mesh new pieces. Portland is a habitual MASH unit. Denver is the wild card. It looks as if Melo is gone, but the Nugs won't give him away. I think he lands with New Jersey. Check my story on Melo on nuggetsmix.com. Keep the stories coming Jake. - Dave Bruning