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Best Point Guard Debate

Things in the NBA are pretty slow right now. Fans have had the free agent period to look back on and the preseason to look forward to. But with the Preseason still about a month away, I thought it would be a good time to address an ongoing question. Who is the best point guard in the NBA.

Usually this would be a very interesting question and it usually comes down to two or three players; either Deron Williams or Chris Paul. Steve Nash could be thrown in there too but age has caught up with him. Not saying that he is not a great player, he just may have been passed by some other younger players.

The NBA is full of young talented players, especially at the point guard position. But some of the younger players are not quite at the level of the best point guard of the league discussion. Such as Derrick Rose; he is a great athlete with the terrific ability to get to the rim and finish, but he lacks a consistent jump shot. Same could be said for Rajon Rondo, he is sneaky around the basket and a great on the ball defender, yet NBA teams will just leave him open and dare him to shoot his jump shot. Russell Westbrook has the potential to one day be in the discussion but not yet, he needs to put together a string of consecutive seasons where he puts up all star type numbers.

Then there are still the oldies but goodies in players like the previously mentioned Steve Nash or Jason Kidd. Although they are veteran savvy and still fun to watch, they can't stay young forever. Eventually someone will come along that is bigger, stronger and faster.

That leaves two of point guards that don't fall into either category, neither is all that old and yet experienced enough to understand what it takes to play on a winning team in the NBA. Those two are Deron Williams and Chris Paul. In the past, this debate was a pretty close debate. But now, there is no contest as to who is the best point guard in the NBA and that is Deron Williams. Granted, Paul is a very good player in the NBA, he is usually at the top of the league when it comes to assists number and steals per game. Paul is a good shooter as well.

But just look at Deron Williams, he has the size that gives other point guards fits. Yet he still is quick out on the floor. On defense, his size allows him to guard either the one or the two. He is a great scorer with excellent floor vision. So Williams and Paul have a lot of the same attributes , which shouldn't be surprising, they are both good players.

But the one thing that stands out the most when looking at these two is the "IT' factor. Nobody knows what the "IT" factor is, but it seems like Williams has it. Williams will do whatever it takes to win a game. He seems to never quit and he won't let his team quit either. That is one thing that will have to be questioned this upcoming season. Will Paul quit on the team and the city after his brief flirtation with asking for a trade? I can't see Williams ever quitting on the team or city, even if he wanted out.

It depends what you look for in a point guard when judging who may be the best, but in my opinion, the Jazz fans are lucky to say that the best point guard in the NBA plays for their team.

-Jake Ipson


  1. Good points Jake, although I think Steve Nash is still the best. There is not a single player who goes to Phoenix who is not a better player, Channing Frye, Matt Barnes and Goran Dragic to name a few. D-Will is more pure scorer than Nash. Nash knows when to score and when to distribute the rock better than anybody. That said, I'd love D-Will in Denver. - Dave Bruning/nuggetsmix.com

  2. Jake,

    Deron Williams is the guard I would take over other point guards in the league at this time-- He has much more upside at this time than does Nash (though Nash is still very productive) .... Williams can shoot from the outside, drive, dish and play defense ....can not ask for much more out of your point guard .... he is a perfect fit for "sloan-ball" and the Utah comminity ..... Williams has my vote...jazz fan in Monterey