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Admitting I Was Wrong

I must admit that I was wrong in a couple of my previous posts. The first post I must go back and admit that I was wrong on was the best point guard in the league debate. This may sound like I am an upset Jazz fan in wake of the Deron Williams trade, but I like to think that I am able to admit when I am wrong. The best point guard in the league has been taken over by Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls.

the one reason I did not consider him to be an elite point guard in a previous post was due to his shot. He had a very inconsistent shot but he has always been a freakishly athletic point guard. Well, it looks as though Rose has worked on his jump shot and improved his shot immensely. Given that he is so athletic and his improved jump shot makes him almost unguardable by other point guards in the league.

As far as my predictions go before the season started, the Deron Williams trade completely threw me off, I did not see that one coming this year. As far as the trade, I for one do not mind what the Jazz did. They got a young big man in Derrick Favors who I think will help them down the road once he learns the NBA game and begins to mature. They also got Devin Harris to replace Deron Williams. Now Harris is no William but I will give him this, he is fun to watch. He is a speedy point guard with a good shot.

This trade is a work in progress though because they got those two draft picks as well and it will be up to the Jazz to cash in on those draft picks to determine whether this was truly a good trade for the Jazz or not. But between Jerry Sloan stepping down and the Williams trade, it completely threw off my predictions.

-Jake Ipson


  1. A good shot?...Devin Harris? please.

  2. So what do you think about Deron Williams signing back with Utah as a free agent. If he is all about the money he will stay in NJ. If he wants to win, look what we have now. DW wanted to be on a winning team, I think Utah is showing the league they are about winning. The Jazz are a point guard away from being an elite Western team again. Dallas, LA, SA aging teams. The only teams that make any sense for DW to sign with that have a chance in the near future would be Orlando, OKC and Utah. OKC has Utah's favorite play Derrick Fisher and Westbrook would need to be traded. Orlando only has Superman.

    Utah, has a head coach he gets along with, his buddies CJ and Millsap are still here. (Maybe CJ will be some place else necxt year). Jefferson finally understands the Jazz system. Favors is improving every day, Millsap, has a huge heart and never gives up. Kantor a surprising pick and Hayward is showing he now gets the system and fits well. We are one point guard away, Harris, Watson or even Tinley would make great backups to DW.

    If the Miller's will pay and DW thinks this out. There are many reason for DW to come home.

    1. Oh and let's not forget. DW knows the system and he had his best status of his career in Utah.